With all the recent tales of anchor gaffes when it comes to reading news stories about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we offer up a fairly simple explanation of the problem and an even easier solution, offered by a rather prescient and practical NewsBlueser who wishes to remain anonymous:

Remember the Las Vegas weatherman back in 2005 fired for the same Martin Luther King, Junior gaffe?

Can’t we all agree that there is a “u” in Luther and a “u” in Junior and a hard K in King?

This is an unfortunate brain to mouth mix up when speaking to quickly.

Honestly, I did the same thing ten years ago but caught myself and it came out more like Koo-ing, so no harm no foul.

But I learned this: call it “M-L-K Day” and take no chances. Not worth your career.

M-L-K Day. Sounds like a simple solution.

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