Some guys in Dallas Texas have launched a product line that benefits not only local businesses but TV station Production Departments and at least one Broadcast company is taking notice.

Rev Up is a creative development and television commercial production company and their product is quickly becoming “the Shutterstock of television commercial production” for TV stations, according to co-founder Jeff Palmer

Hey, we are all Broadcast professionals, but if you don’t spend a lot of time in the sales office, here is a brief explanation of how advertising has traditionally worked in the past:

A business reaches out to a local TV news station interested in buying commercial advertising time for their business that will run in between programming.

The biggest challenge for local businesses is coming up with great creative and an effective advertising campaign. Most TV stations aren’t in the creative business, they’re in the news business and in most cases, the local station commercial production falls short of what a great ad campaign should be.

In order for a local business to get a national looking TV advertising campaign, local businesses would have to call on the talents of a big ad agency. Most mom & pop type of businesses simply cannot afford this.

This is where Rev Up comes in.

Palmer says Rev Up has produced a line of TV and digital commercials called “Ready Spots.” These are already-made commercials that can be customized for each business in any local market.

This saves a tremendous amount of effort for the station and money for the business and allows them to put extra funds towards buying more air time.

Palmer adds, “another benefit is the customer can concentrate on running their business and not on creating new commercials, making it so they can take the entire campaign to other platforms for advertising opportunities.”

With Ready Spots, Rev Up has streamlined the advertising model traditionally used by television stations across the country.

Rev Up has just signed a deal with Jim Doyle and Associates where ReadySpots will be used in 85 TV markets across the country and is currently working on a deal with a soon to be announced Media giant, that many of us would recognize.

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