Tune in tonight for your last shot at watching the “CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor.”

Glor is signing off after the events of earlier this week which included the announcement that he is being replaced by Norah O’Donnell and the newscast will be moving to Washington, DC sometime later in the summer.

What’s next for him?

He still has a year left on his contract with the network he has called home since 2007 and he does have a reputation among certain colleagues for the ability to produce memorable pieces about topics ranging from the national debt to an exhibit about Auschwitz concentration camps on display at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

For the record, he says he is negotiations for a new role at the network while CBS News boss Susan Zirinsky insists…INSISTS…she wants him to stay- something nobody said about Bianna Golodryga when she was unceremoniously dumped from “CBS News This Morning” last month.

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