No, this item has no comment from statement management at CBS-owned WBBM.

Why would the buyouts of 4 veteran newsroom employees merit any comment?

Leading the parade to the exit is Deidra White who’s about to wrap up a sterling 40-year career as news planning manager at WBBM.

Right behind her are executive producer of specials and investigations Marda LeBeau, political producer Ed Marshall and photojournalist Alif Muhammad.

And that’s just the Chicago CBS O&O.

This is happening across the O&O division.

We’ve no doubt more than a few of those being bought out will be replaced by someone who’s cheaper – if the position is filled at all.

We reported earlier this week of the boiling over of frustrations at KCBS-KCAL over the slow pace of contract talks between SAG/AFTRA and the station’s increasing reliance on free-lancers who, of course, are less expensive to maintain and easily disposed of.

But then, how else do you expect executive bonuses to be paid?

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