If we haven’t made is clear enough already, we have a deep and abiding loathing of those cutely-named “lifestyle” programs that have become a pestilence on local television.

Thinly-disguised as real information, they are nothing more than paid-up segments –paid by the people in them or the companies they represent and beloved by the sales department.

Even more retch-inducing is that newsroom personnel all too often front these infomercials.

So it is with rising bile that we tell you that Sinclair’s WJAR in Providence, RI, is launching a new “lifestyle” show this September.

If you’re in the mood to sell your soul, here’s your chance.

Perkiness required.

Most likely it is to compete with WPRI‘s “The Rhode Show” – which has a history of anemic ratings, but has been a boon for the sales department.


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