Hearst’s WESH in Orlando, FL is showing the door to popular sports guy Pat Clarke after 16 years – according to him.

Clarke said he learned two weeks ago he is being replaced.

He guesses he’ll be at the station through the end of June.

The station is hiring a new sports director (see below – job of the day) while Clark is a sports anchor

And they are playing coy about Clarke’s future.

“It’s a personnel matter,” said John Soapes, WESH president and general manager. “Pat hasn’t told me he’s leaving the station.”

The wide-eyed coyness is adorable.

C’mon – it looks like a demotion is in store – with a likely reduction in compensation.

But the way corporates play their reindeer games these days, they want to make it look like any exit is the decision of the person heading out the door.

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