Seem like only a couple of days ago that we learned of yet another  move through the revolving door where cable and broadcast news and politics intersect.

Wait….it WAS only a couple of days.

So former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli is leaving CNN’s Unsullied Army of bloviators to become czar of the Administration’s immigration policy.

Shhh…..this would be bigger news if he were leaving Fox News but….

Say hello to Rahm Emanuel, former Chicago mayor who is sliding into a bloviator chair over at ABC News.

These guys are like bad pennies, or something stuck to your shoe.

Emanuel is expected to serve as a paid contributor and appear as a political analyst on “Good Morning America.:

Oh goody.

Emanuel declined to comment on his fledgling career as a media pundit.

Now that he gets paid by the word, we’d expect nothing less.

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