Norah O’Donnell, the incoming anchor and managing editor of the “CBS Evening News,” told the staff at CBS owned and operated station KCBS-TV that the flagship CBS News broadcast will focus on original reporting that strikes to the heart of issues that matter to viewers and connect with them in new ways. 

“We are in a transformative time in the news business,” O’Donnell said. “Most of us are getting the headlines by our phone all day, so by 6:30, our mission should be to provide context. Our audience is craving depth and analysis.”

O’Donnell on May 6 was named anchor of the “CBS Evening News” by Susan Zirinsky, president and senior executive producer of CBS News. She will begin anchoring the broadcast in New York this summer and the “CBS Evening News” will move to its new home in Washington, D.C., in the fall.

O’Donnell was in Los Angeles Wednesday following her exclusive interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. Before taking the anchor chair, O’Donnell has already established a reputation as a trusted voice, scoring big, headline-making interviews. The sit-down with Cook follows O’Donnell’s interview last week with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg.

She said CBS affiliates like KCBS-TV are essential to reaching viewers on all screens.

“We need you. We want to win with you,” O’Donnell told the KCBS staffers. “We cannot produce the broadcast of record without you.”

This was a nice pit stop.

It should be noted that Scott Pelley visited the CBS O&O in Dallas KTVT, after being named anchor of the big show a few years back.

Only the GM and a select few anchors (for promo) purposes were able to break through his entourage of 5 people (including his own make up dude)  to say hello in the hallway.

So much for visits from “Royalty”,

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