We rather enjoy on-air people snapping back at social media boneheads who, for some unexplained reason, feel they have a right to insult the appearance of reporters and anchors.

The latest to “clap back”, as the kids like to say, is meteorologist Ashlee Baracy of Dispatch-soon-to-be-Tegna’s WBNS in Columbus, OH.

“The sad part is the second I found out I was pregnant, I knew I would have to deal with criticism of my body by viewers,” said Baracy. “I’ve been around the business long enough, and I’ve seen colleagues go through that. Anchors can hide a little bit behind the desk, but I knew it would be tough for me, because people see me head-to-toe in front of the green screen every day, and my figure would be on full display.”

Sure enough, Baracy  announced her pregnancy….and the boneheads chimed in.

“I can tell. Unless you are just super bloated.”

“Congratulations!!! I knew your face looked fuller.”

It got worse.

“Pregnant or not, buy bigger clothes!!! You look bloated and uncomfortable. . . it is not likely your dresses will survive another 20 weeks of pregnancy weight.”

“Ashley, I couldn’t see next week’s temps. Your baby was in the way.”

“Ashley, you are really putting on weight. Watch your heart.”

Who ARE these mouth-breathers?

Baracy decided to come back by posting the best of the worst and do some shaming of her own.

“If I can use my voice to make things better, I will do that,” she said. “I hope this is a platform where we can talk more about it, because there are many women who deal with it.”

Baracy said she is grateful for the support she has received after going public about the comments.

Most viewers, she said, are encouraging.

We’re still trying to figure out why these social media cretins feel they have a right to insult someone’s appearance.

If it’s because the stations themselves work overtime to try and position their on-air personnel as the BFFs of the viewers, then the question remains:

Is this how these jerks treat their friends?

Or is the problem they have no friends because they have no social skills?

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