Brahm Resnik, a political anchor and reporter for KPNX (NBC), has apologized for a tweet he posted over the weekend in which he drew comparisons between an Arizona Republican Party tweet and a Nazi slogan.

“APOLOGY,” Resnik tweeted Tuesday morning. “I apologize for the tone & content of a tweet I posted over the weekend that has angered many Arizonans. Social media calls on journalists to exercise restraint & good judgement. I failed to do that. Recriminations against 12 News are undeserved. The fault is mine alone.”

The Arizona Republican Party account tweeted a scenic Arizona picture on Saturday, and captioned it, “One people. One land. One Arizona.”

Resnik retweeted it, commenting, “Pretty picture. Just a thought here: A tweet that echoes ‘Ein volk. Ein Reich. Ein Führer’ — likely unintentional, because who knows history these days, right? — isn’t a great look at the present moment.”

The translation is, “One people. One land. One leader” — a Nazi slogan.

Resnik’s tweet since has been deleted.

Not surprisingly, Republicans did not care to have their tweet compared to a Nazi slogan. No official word-yet from KPNX on the Tweet.

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