The Republican-led FCC’s efforts to relax a series of restrictions on ownership of TV stations has been sidelined by a federal appeals court.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals this week ruled 2-1 that the FCC, in making the changes over the past three years, did not adequately consider the effect that the revised rules would have on ownership of TV outlets by women and minorities.

“Although it did ostensibly comply with our prior requirement to consider this issue on remand, its analysis is so insubstantial that we cannot say it provides a reliable foundation for the Commission’s conclusions,” the judges wrote in their decision.

Industry lobbyist and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai blasted the ruling (surprise!) and the court, which has repeatedly blocked ownership dereg: “It’s become quite clear that there is no evidence or reasoning — newspapers going out of business, broadcast radio struggling, broadcast TV facing stiffer competition than ever — that will persuade them to change their minds.”

Maybe a demonstration of even a minimum observance of public service requirements would help.

But that’s just us.

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