….was an old slogan associated with the Phone Book back about the time of the Dinosaurs.

But now, your fingers can help you shop, using your phone  while watching your favorite show.

NBCUniversal  has been testing a new ad unit that allows viewers to buy — directly from their phone — products featured on the show they’re watching.

Other companies  are creating shoppable video technology, but that usually means adding links or other elements to online videos — very different from NBCU’s ShoppableTV, which connects the programming on your living room TV with a shopping experience on your phone.

The company is using QR codes to achieve this. An ad with the code will pop up at on the bottom of the screen during relevant moments of the show. If you’d like to purchase the product, you can point your camera at the code and you’ll end up following an affiliate link to the sponsor’s e-commerce site.

So far, NBCU has tested this with sponsors like Lacoste during the French Open, Walmart on Today, Roli on NBC’s “Songland” and Zwift during the Tour de France. In some cases, the announcers are explicitly pointing viewers toward the ad. In others, it just shows up in the bottom-third of the screen.

Now NBCU is officially taking the ad unit out of beta testing, and plans to start using it across its unscripted programming, including Sunday Night Football.

Zowie. Keep that phone away from your TV or you could end up in a heap of debt.

Stay tuned. No date released when the new ad invention will go into effect.

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