A few States had elections Tuesday night and of course what better way to satisfy TV news and production crews than with free dinner as the final ballots rolled in.

They say the best food is free food and in newsrooms, that’s no lie.

I once had a ND who would delightfully place a bag of Burger King Whoppers on the desk and then yell “free food” and giggle as anchors, some makings hundreds of thousands a year would push each other out of the way for a buck burger.

Ah the memories. Here’s a look at some of the free food follies that took place Tuesday night.

and forget the Pizza, this newsroom got a pup!

of course the spread at some stations was impressive.

Sports guys love it too.

and of course for those of you in the field, there was some left for you. Yeah right.

If you didn’t get any this election, don’t fret, there will be more in your future. We promise.

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