Remember when the exit strategy of choice from tv news was public relations?

Earlier this week, former Spokane anchor Nadine Woodward was elected mayor of the Washington city.

Now, down in Oklahoma, former Oklahoma tv reporter Abby Broyles is the fifth person to file to run against incumbent Republican Senator Jim Inhofe.

Broyles, a Democrat, was a reporter, anchor and on-air host for Oklahoma City television station KFOR from 2014 until last week. She recently set up a law practice.

Inhofe, 84, has represented Oklahoma in Washington longer than anyone in state history.

He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1986 and to the Senate in 1994,

“Jim Inhofe hasn’t had a real challenger in more than a decade,” Broyles said. “He was elected to the Senate when I was in kindergarten. He doesn’t seem to be moving the state forward.”

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