We should find out sometime Friday the result of a union organizing vote among NBC News Digital employees.

That vote, held a week ago, would, if approved, make the digital employees  members of the NewsGuild of New York.

The union would include staffers from nbcnews.com, today.com, StayTuned, Left Field, msnbc.com and NBC News Now.

But while the NBC Digital NewsGuild announced on Oct. 30 that “approximately 75% of the workplace signed on to the effort” with union authorization cards, a smaller group of employees has been quietly campaigning against the union effort.

Pro-union posters around the office in Manhattan have been met with anti-union posters put up by the group, which runs an Instagram account called “No NBC NewsGuild” and a bare-bones website that lays out a series of “NBC News Guild Concerns.”

One employee described the dueling promotional campaign as “a massive, college dorm-esque battle of the posters.”

The anti-union effort appears small.

Only 15 people follow the Instagram account, many of them Today show employees.

On their website, the anti-union group says of the prospect of joining a union: “Nothing is promised. Everything is up for negotiation. Everything. There are no guarantees. … Unionizing cannot promise that any of your current benefits will stay the same.”

So, you know, keep your head down, keep your mouth shut and hope for the best.

NBC News confirmed that company management has nothing to do with the self-organized anti-union effort.

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