While Lou tries to remember where he stands on any particular hot-button issue, let’s turn to Shep Smith, Fox’s breaking news anchor whose continued existence at the network has got to set some of the carnival performers’ teeth on edge.

On Thursday, Smith turned to the Collins’ banning, in the process delivering a rather stinging rebuke to a man he calls a close personal friend who was also once his boss.

Bill Shine – the guy who banned Collins from the Rose Garden.

“For those of you at home, if I may: journalists are not the enemies of the people,” Smith said, addressing his viewers. “It’s quite the opposite. Our profession is enshrined in the Constitution and the Fourth Estate holds the essential job of being your eyes and often ears and when appropriate, your voice. It’s a cornerstone of our Republic.”

“Please know this: I acknowledge many thousands of your complaints and protestations. Never have I personally misrepresented the truth to you. Our reports are checked and rechecked at the management level of this network. In the event I make a mistake, I tell you, and correct it in a timely and appropriate manner.”

“As an aside, when the president attacks journalists, we question his motivation and try to discover the underlying reason. For historically those that regularly and as a matter of pattern attack the messenger, who degrade and belittle the purveyors of truth, and work to diminish the free press, often find the facts displeasing, and endeavor to keep you from knowing them.”

“We are on guard and we hope, politics aside, for the greater good, that you are, too.”

There is nothing we can add.

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