Let’s have a round of applause for KDFW sportscaster Mike Doocy.

In an age when far too many local sportscasters happily shed any pretense of journalistic responsibility to shamelessly shill for the local sports team, Doocy did the rare right thing.

He bumped his annual interview with Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones when the team informed him Jones wasn;t taking any questions on the anthem standing/kneeling issue.

And then he explained why the interview wasn’t happening.
“… tonight at the last second before we were getting ready to record our interview, we were told by Jerry and his public relations staff that the national anthem issue would be off limits. The fact we were told that at the last minute and that conditions were put on the interview in that way, I just didn’t feel comfortable going on with it.

Other Dallas stations bowed to the football god, and let the NFL and the Cowboys direct the discussion.


Shame on you.

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