Chalk up another first for Al Roker, “Today Show” weatherman, talk and gameshow host, author and now, Broadway actor.

Roker is making his Broadway debut October 5th.

He started rehearsals for the role of Joe (of the eponymous Joe’s Pie Diner) in the Sara Bareilles musical “Waitress” yesterday.

He’s done a variety of stage cameos over the years, but this is his first full-fledged featured role.

It includes singing, and he’s been taking lesson because “My singing before? I really sucked! Now? I’m barely passable. So that’s an improvement!

Roker’s role was last ab out five weeks, from October 5th through November 11th.

Balancing 7-8 stage appearances a week with his “Today Show” duties will be fun to watch.

But think of the sweeps pieces he’s going to milk out of this.

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