Yes, Jim Acosta had some legitimate questions.

But when questions turn into statements and eventually, monologues, then, yes, there is room to criticize the reporter.

And that is not to defend the suspension of Acosta’s press credentials.

But while good reporters are not afraid to ask tough questions and tougher follow-ups, great reporters don’t hand their critics a stick and figuratively say “Hit me with it” by couching their questions in the form of aggressive statements and challenges.

Acosta’s mistake appears to have been thinking he was participating in one of CNN’s endlessly yammering shoutfests where nothing is revealed except the egos of all the panelists.

It’s obnoxious enough in the confines of a studio.

In a press room, it is completely inappropriate.

As was the revoking of his press credential.

Somebody’s got to be the grown-up here.

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