For the first time in its 20-year history, “Fox and Friends” on Thursday took the kurvy kouch act to a live, and evidently hand-picked, audience in an unusually raucous edition , and the three F&F compatriots gleefully tossed chicken sandwiches at them while conducting a “discussion” of the border wall and the government shutdown.

But let’s be clear.

Ainsley “I want to be a journalist” Earhardt sagely noted that despite numerous news reports to the contrary, everybody in the room agreed with the Administration’s handling of the shutdown, ergo, it must be unanimous across the country.

(Editor’s note: I have news for you, Ainsley. I have several family members who work at various levels of the government – all of them Trump voters or inclined to fall in behind him on most of the issues. And THEY ARE PISSED to the point several of them are turning in their MAGA caps)

It wasn’t all just fun and games with Mr. Trump’s favorite morning show.

Cabinet member wannabe and “F&F” weekend co-host  Pete Hegseth was on hand to deliver a “border wall” policy directive to the White House – something that’s been occurring with alarming regularity ever since the government shutdown began last month.
Where it has been used it has worked. I thought about this in my own personal experience. Every time we went, Iraq, Afghanistan, you set up a location, the first thing do you is put in place physical barriers, a wall, concertina wire, whatever you have to secure your location. If you believe your country is worthy of that same security, it’s the first thing you should do, not the last one, which is why I think the president is on the most important point on this issue and should stick with it. And the hypocrisy, of course, is glaring. You got Nancy Pelosi and all the leaders who live behind walls telling other people they don’t deserve them as well. It is a — it’s a double standard that has existed for too long, we’ve tolerated for too long, and now is the time to stay dug-in. Listen, I’m of the belief, keep it shut down as long as you need it to get the wall built.

We’re sure it was duly noted.

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