A long time ago in our news director days, frustrated after a long fruitless journey through a mountain of resume tapes in search of a decent reporter candidate, we remarked to an academic friend of ours that he should push his university to create a “Game Show Host” major, since that seemed to be the ultimate goal of most of the “candidates” whose auditions we had recently endured.

And here we are.

Meteorologist Collin Myers of Disney’s KTRK in Houston will be a contestant this Friday and next Monday on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

It reminded us that Pat Sajak was one who achieved the dream a generation or two ago, landing “Wheel of Fortune” after stinta as a weatherman in Nashville and Los Angeles.

Myers is but one of several local news personalities from around the country (Portland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Kansas City and Fresno) who will be on the syndicated program all this week and into next..

All are playing for charities of their choice.

In a lovely bit of synergy, all are from stations that carry “Millionaire.”

Sweeps months, folks.

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