Management at Gray’s WVLT in Knoxville, TN must have some folks waiting in the wings.

Otherwise, how do you explain the abrupt severing of ties with chief meteorologist David Aldrich (left) and morning anchor Bob Yarbrough (below) in the past few days?

On the other hand, another WVLT anchor, Mark Packer, used an anti-Semitic slur during a live broadcast last week and was off the air following the incident.

But he’s back. Go figure.

Yarbrough had been morning anchor for the past three years.

His Twitter explanation:
“Heads up. I’m no longer morning news co-anchor at WVLT-TV. No specific reason, just a handful of things that we couldn’t resolve.”

He still has a morning radio show he will be doing.

Aldrich served as chief met for nine years.

In his case, it was the ever-popular “heading in a different direction” trope employed countless times over the years by unimaginative management.

Ever wonder what the hell that “different direction” actually is?

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