40 years just seems like an impossible amount of time to spend in one place.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s all too rare in this business and we applaud anyone who can accomplish it.

And Dee Sarton is one of those unique types who manage to do just that.

She’s stepping away from the anchor desk at Tegna’s KTVB in Boise, ID,
“For the past four decades KTVB has given me a dream job in the most wonderful place on earth, and soon I’ll be able to start in on my bucket list — most of which I’ve developed while covering or watching amazing stories on our news,” Sarton said.

But the damned bucket list can wait until after one last sweeps period, right, promo department?

So D-Day is June 6 (in more ways than one, we guess) as Sarton signs off after 28 days of reminiscences, kudos and tears, topped finally with a slab of processed sugar in the newsroom.

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