Nexstar is might proud of it’s March Madness coverage.

Austin Kellerman, Nexstar’s digital content director writes: “One of the advantages of having a national footprint of stations across the country for TV groups like Nexstar is to leverage their content together for national stories, and March Madness is a perfect example.”

He says Nexstar leveraged “the power of content creators across the country to display the scope of the company’s local coverage.”

Nexstar created the Big Tournament page, shared across 100 websites, with a streaming program featuring live reports from each of the regional host locations of the NCAA Tournament.

Big Tournament Live streamed during 12 days of the tournament — each show running about 30 minutes and featuring insight, analysis and reaction from as many as eight live reporters.

The page featured roughly 350 pieces of content showcasing more than 300 video clips produced by Nexstar journalists.

The tournament content, including a bracket contest rolled out across the country, generated more than 700,000 page views over three weeks.

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