Monday, we posted information provided by a NewsBlueser from KCBS/KCAL in Los Angeles, CA regarding as email sent by a group of staffers to the SAG/AFTRA unit that represents them regarding ongoing contract negotiations and certain frustrations on the part of the staffers who signed the letter.

We reprinted the email itself and not the accompanying comments.

The post triggered a further reaction from a newsroom staffer and union rep:

I see you have also posted an article about my station, KCBS. …[Q]uite frankly, a lot of members are upset that the letter was leaked at all. They feel like that violated their trust. Contract negotiations are difficult. And although I do believe negotiations should be more transparent to help eliminate wage gaps, age discrimination, and promote gender equality, I also know that people value their privacy. Finding the right balance, will hopefully make our industry better.

Thanks again for your interest.

Joy Benedict

Benedict, a nearly-8 year veteran reporter at KCBS is also the SAG/AFTRA shop steward.

Point taken.

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