Increasingly, we find that we are being badly served by both political parties and cable news in the run up to the 2020 elections.

Not that we weren’t the last time around, but the DNC’s early decision to block Fox News from contention for any primary debates, while likely satisfying on a schoolyard level, is strategically dumb.

Now comes the deal struck by MSNBC and the South Carolina Democratic Party, granting the cable network EXCLUSIVE live rights to the party’s convention this weekend.


We’re going to start controlling access like the NFL and NBA?

That is a pretty high level of BS for the electoral process.

C-SPAN says the decision shuts them out of a previously open political event it has covered live for many years.

C-SPAN for crying out loud.

Journalist Roland Martin, former host at TV One, said the “terrible” decision hurts black-owned media outlets.

Fox News Channel lodged a complaint and this is one of those instances where we heartily agree.

So what was State Party Chairman Trav Robertson’s “rationale” for this boneheaded decision?.

Robertson says he granted MSNBC exclusive live rights to this weekend’s party convention because the network agreed to show 21 presidential contenders speak and it offered a strong chance to reach black voters.

And why, pray tell, did MSNBC agree to such a stupid arrangement?

Two of MSNBC’s African American anchors, Joy Reid and the Rev. Al Sharpton, will be live all day from the event, interviewing each candidate after he or she addresses the convention.

Other outlets may tape Saturday’s proceedings, but may not broadcast anything until three hours after its afternoon conclusion.

SHAME on MSNBC for agreeing to such a ridiculous arrangement while, in the same week, ignoring the re-election campaign kickoff of Mr. Trump.

Incredibly bad precedent.

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