Despite its best efforts, America could not shame Sean Spicer out of joining Dancing With the Stars. So there was the former White House press secretary on the ABC reality show’s 28th season premiere on Monday night, wearing a frilly yellow shirt that evoked Big Bird and a pair of tight-fitting white pants.

It didn’t get any better after that.

Spicer’s big segment didn’t come until the end of the premiere’s second hour.

“I was Donald Trump’s first White House press secretary,” he said by way of introduction. “There’s no question my time in the White House was tumultuous.”

Spicer was paired up with season 25 champion dancer Lindsay Arnold, who described her partner as dancing at a “pre-pre-school level,” adding, “He definitely isn’t natural at it.”

Spicer told The New Yorker this week “Frankly, I’m just making money, trying to enjoy life.” He will reportedly earn a minimum of $125,000 to appear on the show.

Stay tuned.

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