Here we go again.

Friday of this week is the drop-dead day for Sinclair and AT&T to come to a retransmission agreement.

Or, 136 Big Four network affiliated stations in 86 markets owned by Sinclair will disappear from AT&T’s headaches aka DirecTV, AT&T TV Now,and U-verse.

Sinclair said its original carriage deal with AT&T expired in August, but the broadcaster granted a five-week extension while talks continued.

Those negotiations have apparently reached an impasse.

So AT&T customers are getting the ominous warning from Sinclair that their beloved stations and those enlightening commentaries from “senior political analyst” Boris Epshteyn will disappear untilt he two sides resolve their difference.

“AT&T is the largest MVPD in the country and seems intent on using its tremendous market power to dictate to viewers which programming from other content providers they can receive, even as they continue to acquire content providers and push their own content to viewers,” Sinclair SVP and general counsel David Gibber huffed and puffed in a press release.

(We do know some folks in a Sinclair market up the road from us who would welcome the break from Boris)

And we’re kind of wondering – just how many people in the tv audience to whom the ominous press release was directed actually know what the hell an “MVPD” is?

To refresh your memory, MVPD stands for multichannel video programming distributor .

Use this knowledge wisely.

Anybody wanna buy a satellite service?

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