Or at least the word “News” in their program titles.

And maybe, in 2019, that’s the way it should be, since there in more emphasis on being the viewer’s friend than actually transmitting any information that might be construed as news.

Starting today (this morning at 4 AM actually,) WKYC, the Tegna station in Cleveland, OH is re-branding all of its newscasts and this just whets your appetite doesn’t it?

The new "3 News" is just a little more than 24 hours away at WKYC

Really excited to be part of the debut of the new 3 News tomorrow night after the Browns game! Please give us a watch Sunday night and let me know what you think. http://bit.ly/newWKYC #newWKYC. Read more on the Director's Cut Blog: https://wkycdirectorscut.blogspot.com

Posted by Frank Macek on Saturday, September 21, 2019


“Go!” from 4a to 7a

“Lunch Break with Jay Crawford” at 12p (coming in early October)

“What Matters Most” at 6p

“Front Row” at 7p

“What’s Next” at 11p

Yeah, that’ll do it.

Call it “The New 3” because that’s what they’ll do.

“Bold! Innovative! New!”

Don’t you agree?

We can hear the Nielsen meters overheating already.

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