Scanning through  Twitterverse, I came across the following “PSA” from a media guy.

It literally made me laugh out loud as we’ve all been here.

Phone rings, you pick up, voice on other end describes a great story, you say you can check into it but would like to stop by and talk to them on camera.

Then the uncomfortable…”uh on camera?”

Yes, you reassure them, it will help tell the story as you have described it so well over the phone, it can only be better in person.

Person says, “Um let me get back to you” and click.

You never hear back, you have this unverified story that you *may* be able to work up without the person, or you send a photog out to the area to canvass to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue as Deep Throat.

As a reporter when the person could not escape over the phone, I would ask why they didn’t want to be on camera.

“My hair isn’t done”

“My family would kill me if they saw me in this shirt”

“I didn’t dress to be on TV today”

“Can you blot my face and disguise my voice?”

“Nah, I’d look to fat on TV”

“My Boss says I can’t talk to you on Company grounds”

“My house is a mess”


But, hey it’s the business we love.

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