It was embraces and tears when morning traffic anchor Alex Denis signed off eleven days ago from CBS flagship WCBS in New York.

Her departure came as a surprise to many.

She’s came to New York back in 2012 from Nashville where she worked at Sinclair’s WZTV doing the same job she had at WCBS.

A NewsBlueser tell us there is a bit more to the story.

According to our source Denis left CBS2 because her boss, David Friend, blocked a corporate effort to promote her to a fulltime anchor slot on its streaming service CBSN, where she had been doing some fill-in anchoring.

There evidently were also plans to make her a Newspath correspondent.

Our source says the inter-office battle got pretty hot and heavy, with the higher-ups at Black Rock eventually backing down.

Denis got to work and found an alternative, back in Nashville, from whence she came.

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