What do you get when a billionaire media mogul decides to throw his hat in the presidential nomination ring and 34 billion dollars in ad money after it?

You get a media company that decides it’s going to look the other way on the boss’ candidacy and pretend it’s still in the news business.

In fact, Bloomberg News intends to be so scrupulous in its effort to not appear partisan in any way, shape or form, it will happily act as stenographer for Michael Bloomberg and other Democratic candidates in 2020 – but it will refrain from any investigative work on him and…to be scrupulously fair, mind you, ANY of the other candidates.

The company is shutting down its editorial board while Bloomberg is running.

In fact, two of its executive editors from the opinion side, including (now former) MSNBC contributor Tim O’Brien, are joining Bloomberg’s campaign

We will write about virtually all aspects of this presidential contest in much the same way as we have done so far,” editor-in-chief John Micklethwait told staff in a Sunday memo. “We will describe who is winning and who is losing. We will look at policies and their consequences. We will carry polls, we will interview candidates and we will track their campaigns, including Mike’s.”

Gee, that’s nice.

So a company that employs 2,700 journalists and analysts won’t deploy even one of them to do some background checking on ANY of the crowded Democratic field out of a sense of journalistic fair play as it defers to the boss/owner.

Bloomberg “News”(our quotes) has struggled in the past with reporting on the political ambitions of its billionaire owner, whose personal life and wealth the newsroom has long avoided covering during both his business career and in three terms as New York City mayor.

Bloomberg raised concerns in the newsroom by telling Radio Iowa last year that he might sell his company or stop political coverage if he got in the race.

“Stop political coverage.”

Just like that, huh?

QUESTION: Should we take Bloomberg News seriously anymore if it seems to exist only at the whim of its owner and tailors its coverage to appease those whims?

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