It’s been nearly two years since reporter James Rosen left Fox News in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Rosen toils these days as a national investigative correspondent for Sinclair Broadcasting and given his exchange with House Speak Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, he may well have found a simpatico home – one that allows him to bait an interview subject and then play the injured party when the subject snaps back.

After a press conference ended and Pelosi was exiting, Rosen asked, as she was exiting the press conference, “Do you hate the president?”

Hilarity, and more than a little anger on the part of Pelosi, ensued.

Following Pelosi’s dressing down of the network and their reporter, a Sinclair spokesperson issued a statement insisting that Rosen meant “no disrespect” to the speaker and after reviewing the incident at the presser, felt “this was clearly not meant to be an inflammatory question.”

Stop laughing.

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