Indulge us and allow for some personal reflections upon the latest career arc of former Rapid City, SD news anchor Helene Duhamel.

We told you yesterday that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem had appointed Duhamel to finish the State Senate term of a Rapid City businessman who wanted to concentrate on his business interests.

Back in our Sioux Falls, South Dakota days, we established a cross-state partnership with her station, KOTA, which at the time was a family enterprise owned by her father, Bill Duhamel.

At the time of our partnership, she had stepped away from the news director’s position was a working as the station’s main evening co-anchor.

The project we were working on required a lot of knowledge of state history, and with Duhamel on board, we didn’t need to do much research.

She was a walking encyclopedia all on her own.

Since we were relative newcomers to the station, we felt extremely fortunate to have her as a resource.

Our biggest challenge was trying to keep her pieces within the acceptable bounds of tv news length- she had a wealth of facts and observations and was passionate to share them.

We didn’t always succeed –they were that compelling.

We like to think that the South Dakota State Legislature will benefit from having her as a member.

They could use the expertise.

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