From our “Why do they still think this stuff drives ratings?” file, Scripps Cincinnati flagship WCPO unveiled a new image package and is no longer “On Your Side.”

The new branding is reminiscent of one used about 60 years ago.

Of course it’s the middle of the sweeps and all this is supposed to generate some measure of excitement – we guess.

But the new imaging, reverting back to its call letters and huge channel number – WCPO 9 – abandons a brand that’s been drilled into viewers’ heads for the past two decades, unceremoniously dropping the orange and brown “9 On Your Side” slogan.

Guess that means viewers are on their own now.

We’ll also guess that the following promotional video is meant to subtly hammer home the message that WCPO is owned by a hometown corporation.


Just to clarify, they aren’t the ONLY locally-owned media company.

Cincinnati Public Radio/WVXU/WGUC, low-power WKRP TV, WDJO-AM and WNKN/WNKR FM are among Cincinnati’s locally-owned media outlets

Picky, picky, picky.

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