You can’t fix stupid and it sure gets frustrating, especially when confronted with it while out doing your job.

KTRK‘s morning reporter Miya Shay was out at 6 AM doing a live shot when some bonehead walked up to her during her live hit in front of a local supermarket, H.E.B, and started cursing her out.

I’m just going to assume this guy dropped a bunch of F bombs on me this morning because his wife sent him for toilet paper too early. #jobhazard#Coronavirus #COVID19 is serious. We are not hyping it. #abc13 https://t.co/fWUjPZUbWc pic.twitter.com/9zMhcP46xp

— Miya Shay (@ABC13Miya) March 13, 2020

Shay dumped out of the live shot and let the guy vent.

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