So you’re starting a new job in a new city with a pretty decent sports history – but there no sports to cover thanks to COVID-19.

What the hell….???!?

We’re not saying that’s what Jenna Harner actually said, but it’s close enough.

She’s about to become the new weekend sportscaster/reporter on Apollo Cox-owned WPXI on April 1.

Harner is coming from WIVB in Buffalo, where she’s been for the past two years.

Ms. Harner said Pittsburgh’s pro sports teams were a big selling point when considering her next move after Buffalo

“What’s so comfortable about coming to Pittsburgh is knowing sports are such a big role in the life of the community,” she said. “If the Steelers don’t win on Sunday, on Monday everyone is sad and upset. Their lives are based around these teams which I love. That was a huge drawing point for me, to come to a place where the sports teams are so valued and people care about what’s happening 24/7.”

She’s replacing Chase Williams, who held down weekends for the past three years and is evidently “pursuing other opportunities,” as they evasively say..

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