Donna Hamilton signed off Wednesday night, wrapping up a 23–year career at Hearst flagship WBAL.

She sat down with “The Baltimore Sun’s” David Zurawik to reflect on her long career and her retirement.

ZURAWIK: I think a lot of people who watched you every day will be missing you. Is there a way they can still connect with you in media?

HAMILTON: I’ve restarted the blog, donna-hamilton.com. And, David, you’re more than welcome to sign up for this blog. I know it’s all you. But I really am excited about doing that. It’s just a nice way to stay in touch with people. And I’ve already started doing it. It’s exciting.

Last night when I logged out of my computer, I thought, “This is the last time I’ll ever do this.” And when I was walking out of the building, I stopped and looked around, and thought, “This is the last time I’ll ever do this little walk to my car.” You know, the last time syndrome. “I’ll never do this particular thing again.” It was a little sobering. It’s not really sad, but maybe bittersweet, I suppose. There was a little sadness. Yeah. You’re leaving something behind for sure.

ZURAWIK: I think Baltimore viewers saw a kind of genuineness in you.

HAMILTON: I hope so. I always tried to present the news in a way and edit the stories I read to be able give some context to it, some meaning to it. And then it meant something to me, too. It was not just to them. It meant something to me, too, these things that happened. You’re still a person talking about a police officer who’s dead or something terrible that’s happened. You feel it just the same. And I didn’t want to hide that from people.

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