We told you yesterday the sad story of the Hazard, KY newsroom at Gray’s WYMT being taken in by a phony press release touting a gay church that was to open in the big box location in nearby Pikeville.

The “Rainbow Flock Ministry church” touted that it “would have a dance floor with laser light show capabilities, reclining leather pews, rechargeable eHymnals, and a cedar meditation sauna,”

And we were kind of gobsmacked to think that such a transparently phony press release would find its way on to the station’s website.

And now we are more than saddened to report that another station also got taken in.

This time, it’s Cordillera’s WLEX in Lexington.

Oh, but they have now “clarified” the story that ran ON THE AIR on Sunday’s 6 pm newscast.
LEX 18 and other media outlets received a press release about an LGBTQ inclusive church that was making plans to move into the Magic Mart location in Pikeville.

It appears now that the information was untrue. Those who sent out the release about the Rainbow Flock Ministry have not returned our request for comment.

Gee, they haven’t returned a call. Wonder why?

But the station did check with the owner of the building who confirmed that NO church was moving into the empty space,

After the story ran.


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