For the second time in a year, “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell got to be the voice of the network in explaining the disgrace and departure of a fellow employee and, in this case, boss.
“This is really hard. This is hard for everybody at CBS News. I haven’t talked about this before, because when you think about it, the most powerful media executive in America has now resigned in the wake of this Me Too movement — and he’s my boss, or he was my boss,” she said at the beginning of the show.

She added that in her interactions with Moonves, he “always treated me fairly and with respect.”

Last November, O’Donnell and co-host Gayle King spoke candidly after CBS fired former co-host Charlie Rose, who also faced numerous sexual misconduct allegations. They said they were shocked by the news but supported the women who came forward.

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