Two years after she wrapped a 23+-year tv news career as the popular anchor for Fox O&O WJBK in Detroit, MI,  Kam Carman resurfaced this week as creator, host and driving force behind “Dine & Dish Nation” which launched Monday on WTVS, the Detroit PBS outlet.

The weekly half-hour features three guest panelists who separately dine at a specific restaurant.

Afterward, the randomly-selected panelists then discuss their dining experience during the program taping.

When Carman left tv news, she decided that her next act would feature a personal passion – food.

“News is a very tough business.
I found that after two decades of reporting on what was “wrong” in the world, I wanted to do something “right.”
I wanted to take my love of storytelling and flip the script by creating a program that not only gets the word out about the revitalization of Detroit, but to provide the inside scoop to anyone searching for their next favorite restaurant.”

“While striking out on my own has been a little scary, I have found that working for myself puts me in a far better place to achieve success.”
“Not having a boss has been an absolute eye-opening experience. It’s like suddenly going from riding a bicycle to riding a Harley. Completely different animals, with more responsibility and accountability, but the freedom to choose where you go.”

What she admittedly lacks in culinary skills, Carman makes up for in long-held enthusiasm.

As a newcomer to WJBK in the early 1990s Carman did “One Tank Trip” features that celebrated both local events and restaurants.

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