Kris Long, a veteran anchor at News Press & Gazette’s KPSP in Palm Springs, CA was off the air yesterday, a day after he put up a Facebook post that, in effect, excused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from an accusation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted an acquaintance as a teenager.

“You are beyond dreaming if you think 17 year old boys are not going to misbehave from time to time as they begin to attempt relationships with the opposite sex. That is just the way we animals are made!”

Ah, yes. Boys will be boys.

KPSP general manager Jerry Upham said in a statement that the station is “addressing this issue internally.”

While the station made Long take his post down and write an apology, he stands by his comments.

He expects to be back on the air today.

The Coachella Valley is Long’s latest stop in a career that has included Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Dayton.

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