Tegna’s WKYC in Cleveland has been gleefully filling social media with a bit of hype about a new face joining the morning team this week.

Word around Public Square is that the new face belongs to longtime weekend sports guy Dave Chudowsky.

He’s been doing a little bit of news lately, filling in on the 7p newscast, relieving Jim Donovan.

A careful examination of the back of the head in the picture, compared to a variety of Chudowsky head shots we came across seemed to point to that conclusion.

If Chudowsky is indeed the man, it is likely that Pat Cheisa would become the full time weekend sports guy.

And what might it mean for WKYC’s “roving anchor” format?

Could a return to tradition be in the cards?

UPDATE: SECRET’S OUT. And we were right.

Enjoy your day.

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