For reasons we just can’t fathom, NBC News Chairman Andy Lack is not eager to shell out the $69 million that Megyn Kelly wants to go away.

Even though she’s already collected a third of it for the year she spent floundering both in prime-time and weekday mornings on the network, Lack considers coming up with the rest to be a non-starter.

“A lot has changed in the last year and this isn’t looking like a ‘Here’s your check, let’s call it a day’ resolution now,” a network insider said

“This crossed a line for us and no one wants to reward what was unacceptable behavior by Megyn or anyone else,” says another source.

We’re inclined to believe that Kelly’s tone-deaf nostalgia for the never-were days of guilt-free blackface Halloween costumes was just a handy excuse to dump a high-priced failure for “cause,” even though she had a history, stretching back to her prime-time days on Fox News, of saying similar dumb stuff.

The entire Kelly adventure is, to us, more a comment on the tenure and judgement of Lack who now has the Kelly implosion picture to hang up next to his handling of Brian Williams’ tale-spinning, his eyes-averted treatment of horndog Matt Lauer until it could no longer be ignored, and the spiking of a Ronan Farrow investigative piece on Harvey Weinstein that helped spawn the #MeToo movement when it showed up in “The New Yorker.”

So we wonder when the Comcast suits might decide to do some pondering of their own about the future…or the Lack thereof.

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