Jeff Rossen, for the past six years the high-profile investigative reporter on NBC’s “Today Show,” is outta there.

And he’s taking his brand “Rossen Reports” with him.

His contract was up last week and he and the suits could not come to terms on a new deal.

The sticking point, say sources, was Rossen’s aspirations to expand his “Rossen Reports”-branded consumer segments into a multiplatform franchise.

Which he undoubtedly will do, post-NBC and in partnership with another high profile media outfit.

The parting is said to be on good terms, and likely is, since Rossen is sticking around to the middle of next month.

Rossen spent a total of ten years at the network and you have to wonder why the suits couldn’t buy into expanding the “Rossen Reports” brand to other platforms.

More corporate myopia in a rapidly changing media environment?

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