All Bay Area eyes were anxiously focused on Disney’s KGO, awaiting the anticipated return of morning anchor Natasha Zouves to the studio.

Zouves has been MIA since last August when she reportedly slipped on a can of hair mousse and *SNAP* justlikethat, she was out for the count.

Who knew hair mousse could be such an effective assault weapon?

Bay Area blogger Rich Lieberman says there may be other reasons beyond deadly hair mousse for her extended absence.
“My source told me most people at the studio believe Zouves got a paid disability (with help from her father who is a doctor) as a means of clearing her head and away from staff who detest her actions and drama. What did KGO management do? Nothing, essentially.”

Ouch, if true.

Sounds like this is not one big happy family.

Good luck, all

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