Back in 1980, my wife and I along with another couple were taking a long weekend from our jobs in Miami for a Manhattan adventure.

Late Saturday night, after many hours of bar-hopping, we were walking north on Times Square and I looked at an approaching man and said, “Steve. Steve Kroft.”

We stopped and spent several minutes chatting as he excitedly filled us in on his new job at West 57th.

Steve was relatively new to CBS News at the time – he had just moved up from Miami, where he worked for our competitor, WPLG.

And he was excited and full of energy, even after a long day of covering a reporting a story for the “Weekend Evening News.”

Nine years later, he moved to the network’s “60 Minutes” where he held for ever since.

Until last night, when he reported his last story for the newsmagazine and signed off at the age of 73.

Over the years, Kroft, who’s been the program’s longest-tenured correspondent, reported over 500 stories.

Among Kroft’s career highlights: the interview with Bill and Hillary Clinton that CBS broadcast to 34 million people after the 1992 Super Bowl.

Kroft’s resume also includes a sit-down with President-elect Barack Obama, that drew more than 25 million in November 2008 and remains the largest 60 Minutes audience since 1999.

His story on insider trading in the U.S. Congress drove the passage of the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) of 2012.

Well done, Mr. Kroft.

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