Even in this current era of glamorizing the bashing and threatening of journalists, generally by know-nothings, the notion that a video game had a level in which the goal was to murder a journalist is, at the very least, gobsmacking.

And yet, until a story pointed out this ridiculousness, there it was – in “Sniper 3D Assassin.”

Only then did game developer TFG Co. remove the level.

The game was free to play and could be accessed through Apple devices, gaming platform Steam, Amazon, Google and Microsoft app stores.

The revelation was shared Saturday by “New York Times” journalist Jamal Jordan, who said in a tweet that his nephew showed him the game.

The mission, titled “Breaking News,” tasked the player with executing a journalist for bribing a police officer.

This segment is still up on YouTube

The mission ends with text in all caps that says, “THAT’S A COVER STORY.”

Nice. You stay classy, TFG

Michael Mac-Vicar, the CTO of the developing company, said in a statement that the level was removed after this story was published.

“Our game Sniper 3D Assassin is fictional and is intended for mature audiences,” Mac-Vicar said. “At TFG, we work to create games that bring fun and entertainment to users all around the world. As such, we take feedback from our players very seriously. After listening to our community today, we have decided to remove the mission ‘Breaking News’ from the game.”

Which, if you’re reading carefully, is not an apology at all – but more of a justification.

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