Here is your ever-so brief glimpse into the going-on-5-weeks impasse between Nexstar and AT&T.

While 120 Nexstar stations remain dark and DirecTV customers scratch their heads and wonder when they will return, we are assured by Perry Sook, the well-compensated CEO of Nexstar, says that the two sides are trading proposals and counter-proposals.

“We continue to trade proposals and negotiate, however we’re not going to do that in public,” Sook said during Nexstar’s second-quarter earnings call with analysts on Wednesday.

Because it’s none of your damned business when and if your local Nexstar station will return to the DirecTV lineup, nor is it any of your concern how much more you will be charged when and if Nexstar and AT&T agree on a new retransmission contract.

Earlier reports indicated that Nexstar was seeking a 100% increase, a demand that was rejected out of hand, resulting in the blackout now in its 6th week.

One thing to note: Despite the standoff with AT&T the company still expects to meet its cash-flow targets.

So are we to assume this is not a matter of survival?

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