One particular revolving door we’d like to see locked forever is the one connecting newsrooms and government offices.

It’s commonplace with the current Administration and Fox News and seems to be a growing epidemic.

We’ll refer you to a recent op-ed by a Quinnipiac University professor.
[J]ournalists are doing the profession a disservice by going from being trusted and impartial reporters one day, to being partisan political spokespeople the next.
So how can journalists try to restore the public’s trust in unbiased reporting?  Reporters need to realize that ,by choosing to enter the profession, they’re giving up the ability to be political

Maggie Huynh is leaving her job as a field producer and assignment editor at CBS-owned WBBM in Chicago to work in the press office of the Chicago Police Department.

Before joining WBBM in 2015, Huynh was an assistant radio producer.

Of course, there is another way of looking at it.
Instead of calling journalists choosing to improve their lives “a disservice to the profession,” perhaps the frustration should be pointed at the management of giant news companies who insist on paying talented anchors and reporters significantly less money than they can earn in other fields.

And we couldn’t agree more – with both sentiments.

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